Who We Are

My name’s Dean, and I love all things web.


I’ve been in the IT game for nearly 20 years, and have recently shifted my focus into digital marketing and SEO. I’ve previously worked as a systems engineer, and a developer, so I can build things; but I’ve also worked as an entrepreneur and consultant, so I can sell things too.


At CapitalD, we often talk about the Customer Experience:

  1. a) I have a problem
  2. b) I research my problem
  3. c) I start and informed course of action
  4. d) I find the best resolution
  5. e) I have the opportunity to give feedback.


Anyone can promise to keep you in the top Google rankings for pointless keyword combinations, but that’s not good SEO. Good, thoughtful SEO is about identifying what your customer’s problem is, and making sure that you show up when they research it, and it’s solutions.


And if you can link your analytics to the 5 stages of the full Customer Experience, then you start to understand your customer. And that’s how you get more of them.